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Our School Courseware is based on Real-World Products that use our proven 9-Step Method!

Real-World Products

Thinking of integrating innovation into your classroom?

Experience real-world inventing, innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will build career-ready skills while they bring their ideas to life.

Students learn how to use observational skills to identify opportunities, how to develop ideas, how to research the viability of that idea, how to design, make, package and present an idea.

Students are taught how to create their own products and pitch them at the end of your very own Invention Contest - think Shark Tank!

Meets Standards!

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How to Start Inventionland at Your School (K-12 & College)

Environment Environment
  • Peek-A-Boo™ posters
  • Evolution sign series
  • Idea recorders
  • Lesson signs
  • Cloud lights & more...
Teacher Resources Teacher Resources
  • Starter & Supercharger kits
  • 3D printing charts
  • Laser cutting & engraving charts
  • Invent with wood, foam & plastic
  • MakerBoxes™ & more...
MakerKits MakerKits™
  • Pencil holder
  • Stacking bins
  • Trash cans
  • Sticky note holder
  • MakerStrips™ & more...
Teacher Training Teacher Training
  • Professional development
  • Earn credits
  • Get certified
Innovation Course Innovation Course
  • Educate & enable
  • Meets standards
Invention Contest
  • Winning outcomes
  • Prizes for you & your school

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Inventionland provides courses, lesson plans, teaching aids and student kits to integrate real-world inventing techniques into your classroom. We know that environment means something, so that’s where we start. Then, we have teacher resources that are designed to help enable teaching in any classroom or makerspace. Our Inventionland® Innovation Course has three basic groups: Inventing, Making and Storytelling.

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